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Weight loss

Trying to lose weight can be difficult for many people. The longer you have struggled with your weight the harder it can seem to be to make changes. Just getting started on a weight loss regime is hard enough but maintaining motivation over the weeks and months that are needed to see real and lasting changes can seem almost impossible.


Hypnotherapy can be an incredible effective tool to use, in conjunction with healthy lifestyle choices (diet and exercise), to help you find the motivation and stamina you will need to be successful. Hypnotherapy works by tapping into your unconscious relationship with food, unlocking your counter productive behaviours and freeing you from the cycle of diet/binge/diet/binge that so many of us are trapped in.


During your initial consultation we will discuss in detail your current relationship with food; what triggers you to overeat, when and where you do so, how you feel when you eat certain foods and what you feel is preventing you from changing your habits. We will discuss together new strategies for eating more healthily and what support you will need in order to be successful. I will then design a course of  hypnotherapy sessions with scripts written just for you. A course for weight loss would usually be 4 sessions including the initial consultation. The suggestions I make to you whilst you are in hypnosis will build your self-esteem and confidence, increase your motivation and determination and begin to re-programme those old eating habits; replacing them with new strategies for success.


Whilst in hypnosis  you will be deeply relaxed and comfortable, seated with your eyes closed, but fully conscious throughout. You will be able to get up and move about at any time. Hypnotherapy is nothing like stage hypnosis!!


On a personal note I used self hypnosis to help me to lose weight after my second baby and I have never found it so easy to lose 21lbs in 9 weeks!


Sessions cost £65 per 1 hour session.



Therapy for healthy minds

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