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Relaxation therapy - to help cope with stress related conditions

Modern life puts many stresses and strains upon us and sometimes we all find it hard to relax and unwind.


When we are feeling stressed we are more likely to be prone to ill health, anxiety, panic attacks, mild depression, tiredness  and insomnia. Hypnotherapy can be incredibly effective in relieving all these stress related conditions.  


Your therapeutic session or course of treatment will be designed especially for you. In the first consultation we will discuss your symptoms and their possible causes in detail. From there we will discuss thought patterns and behaviour along with simple coping strategies for you to start implementing straight away.


The hypnosis itself takes about 20-35 minutes of the therapeutic session and during this stage you will relax comfortably in a chair with your eyes closed; listening quietly to my voice. Hypnotherapy is simply the effective use of words to relax you deeply and then communicate directly with your subconscious; that part of you which determines your behaviour.  Whilst 'under' hypnosis you will remain fully conscious and aware of your surroundings. Your conscious mind has not gone anywhere and is still in charge! At any point you  can get up and walk away - although most people are enjoying the relaxation so much they could happily sit there a lot longer!


Hypnotherapy for anxiety, panic attacks, mild depression, tiredness and insomnia can make a real difference to your symptoms within 3 to 4 sessions.


Sessions cost £65 per 1 hour session.

Therapy for healthy minds

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