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Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy can be incredibly successful at helping smokers of all ages to become happy non smokers.  If you are determined to quit  and get on and enjoy life, free from the constant fear of what your habit is doing to your health; then this session may well be all you need.


In this 90 minute session we will discuss in detail your smoking habit. Taking a thorough history of your relationship with cigarettes helps us both to better understand your addiction and how best to tackle it. The session also informs you of the true dangers of smoking and how your niccotine addiction has developed from that first drag on a cigarette (which probably made you feel ill) to what has become an all consuming, powerful addiction.


Your session will be designed especially for you, using the very best addiction correction methods. Following treatment, some people report they experienced no withdrawl symptoms at all, they simply walked out of the therapy room a non smoker. For others, some will power is required but there was no real difficulty or discomfort.


The hypnosis itself takes about 45 minutes of the therapeutic session and during this stage you will relax comfortably in a chair with your eyes closed; listening quietly to the sound of my voice.  Hypnotherapy is simply the effective use of words to relax you deeply and then to communicate directly with your subconscious; that part of you which determines your behaviour. Whilst 'under' hypnosis you will remain fully conscious and aware of your surroundings. Your conscious mind has not gone anywhere and is still in charge! At any point you can get up and walk away - although most people enjoy the relaxation so much that they could happily sit there a lot longer.


Stop Smoking Sessions cost £120 for one 90 minute session.

Therapy for healthy minds

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Hypnotherapy works with the power of the subconscious mind to help unlock old unwanted habits and behaviours. Allowing you to let go of behaviours without the compulsions or constant cravings which usually occur.


The following conditions/symptoms can all benefit from Hypnotherapy:


* Obsessive compulsive disorder

* Excessive drinking

* Eating disorders

* Excessive drug use

* Nail biting


Sessions cost £65 per 1 hour session

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